Fly Factory Performance Troupe (FFPT) offers opportunity for talented youth aged 7-21 to develop a range of Circus and Flying Trapeze skills, and to perform at various public events throughout the year. FFPT applicants are required to have some experience in one or more of the following disciplines: dance, gymnastics, calisthenics/tumbling, circus or similar.In 2017 our troupe almost doubled in numbers which has led to some exciting changes for 2018.

FFPT now consists of 3 Troupes.

  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior

FFPT participants are not grouped by age but instead, we take into consideration the child’s ability and skill as well as their approach to learning in a group environment. There will be approximate age ranges for each troupe which will be at the discretion of the troupe coordinator and coaches.

2018 FFPT Try-outs will be held on Sunday February 4th, 3pm-5pm 2017.  Try-outs are held at Fly Factory, 26 Cottage St, Blackburn. For all inquiries and expressions of interest, please email